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Architecture design is a scientific and artistic concept of building structures and understanding various building materials and forms. Without mathematical hypothesis to guide us, we would have skewed designs and patterns.

People have always been attracted to beauty and good taste, and you can clearly see that in the frenzy with which architectural wonders of the past and present are being visited. While the most compelling structures of today impress with their innovative approach and cutting edge technology, not to mention style and spirit, the architectural miracles of the past impress through their grandeur and ability to pass the test of time. 

Striking man-made structures all over the world are considered tourist attractions, some for their splendid beauty or size, others for their ability to blend local history and architectural traditions. An example of this are the drab and indistinguishable cities lined with uniform box structures - such as identical houses, office complexes and high rises.

Design in architectural language means the sum total of plan of building, the elevation, section, figure, proportion, ground, scale, ratio to external unit measure and grids. Even though we regard architecture as an art form, an indispensable principal in architectural design is a keen mathematical and analytical understanding of forms. 

Generally the architect works in coordination with the internal and external environment of the structure, but when designs go against human tastes and cultural preferences the result is disastrous. RBH Engineering and Contractor Services is your best choice to handle your project.