The company was established by Engr. Ronie B. Hernani, a registered electrical engineer and master electrician (VECO Accredited) on August 24,2004 as RBH ENGINEERING SALES SERVICES, then converted into RBH ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTOR SERVICES, with the same owner in Consolacion, Cebu Philippines.

Our Company provides excellent services, we supply quality and affordable electrical materials such as transformers, manual transfer switches, automatic transfer switches, panel boards, lighting features, switches and devices, motor controller and more. We have been the best choice of different companies in the Philippines.

Furthermore, RBH ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTOR SERVICES have extensive experience in many electrical and industrial construction services including telecommunication infrastructures. Our company guarantees client satisfaction.

We have photos and documentations of our accomplishments and the kind of products that we deliver and services that we offer. We hope these will help you decide to transact with us, we will help you save construction expenses and optimize construction plans. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of our expertise, with a focus on dependability, customer service and satisfaction.


We are master of discipline, adhering to our proven brand of technical competence, precision planning and attention to detail. We create Electrical, Plumbing and Water System, Mechanical Sanitary and Civil Engineering and Architectural design including Fire Protection and Instrumentation system that are vital to building and construction and Slope Protection Works. We form specific needs. Monitor closely to establish the controls necessary to safeguard the project completion within rigid timelines.


RBH ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTOR SERVICES focuses to be one of the market leaders and preferred service provider of major construction developer industry in the Philippines. We resolute to be a forceful partner in the building construction and development project and business alliances.